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Let’s play the #SendVinceAway game!

Help me choose my next travel destination! Actually, you won’t help me choose, YOU will decide! Ireland or Romania?

Not that I can’t make a decision by myself, but I wanted to know which of these two countries you’d like to see through my lens and photos. While both countries have been on my bucket list for a long time I’ve never been to either. While quite different both have in common beautiful sceneries, mysterious legends and a fascinating history so the outcome of the vote doesn’t matter to me. I simply thought it would be an unusual and fun way to prepare for my next trip by having you participate. It’s a win-win situation!

Will I make my way through rich-green landscapes, steep cliffs and ancient castles to reach charming hidden villages and listen to traditional music while enjoying pints of stout beer in lively Irish pubs?

Or will I go off-the-beaten track to a mysterious and little known country, yet rich in history with a Transylvania full of intact medieval towns and haunted castles circled by mountains and friendly people?

Irish goodness or culture shock? Cast your vote!

UPDATE: And the winner is…. Romania! I can’t wait to explore this little know country. Stay tuned and make sure to follow me for any updates (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)