My trip to Iceland is probably the most awesome of my travels so far. Inspired by Iceland has done a great job promoting this beautiful country in part with this very cool video:


They’ve asked people to write about what is so inspiring about Iceland and here’s my story.
You can also see it here.

“Let’s go on a road trip…in Iceland!” This is how it all started. I know taking the plane isn’t technically part of road trip but what the heck there we were in this Canadian/Irish pub talking about a country we knew nothing about.

We spent the next weeks looking at websites, guidebooks and pictures and we soon realized that as clever as we really are this was one of the smartest idea we’ve ever had.

Time to fly away!

The shock was instant! On our first day, the country we were exploring was beyond expectations. It was what you could unoriginally call: Love at first sight.

From the lively Reykjavik to the beautiful Mytvan and the Northern region flying by the not-to-be-missed Westman Islands we saw what Earth has the best to offer. Lava fields as far as the eye can see, impressive glaciers, still warm volcanoes, powerful geysers, cozy hot springs, waterfalls by the dozens, majestic horses and not to forget the spectacular northern lights; the nature parade was unfolding before our eyes.

For 2 weeks we almost forgot this country is home to the friendliest people alive and then we were back to the sound of music at the Iceland Airwaves just in time for one more rúntur!

Nothing can describe Iceland. You have to experience it to see what it’s all about but I can tell you one simple thing: it is pure AMAZINGNESS (yep that is now a word).