It’s Friday! As much as I like making photographs I also love searching and sharing awesome photography. Every week I share some of the things that caught my attention or inspires me.


50 Quick Photography Tips in Less Than 15 Minutes (via PetaPixel)

DigitalRev has created this short film offering some photography advice.

Just When You Got Digital Technology, Film Is Back (via The New York Times)

In last week’s Friday Links I shared an article from THE TIME on Lomography and the ‘Analogue Future. This week, The New York Times also has an article on the return of film photography. It’s a good read if you are interested in exploring the old-fashioned way of creating images.

Iconic Banksy Images Recreated in Real Life (via Flavorwire)

Photographer Nick Stern has recreated famous graffiti by British artist Banksy with real people.

© Nick Stern

High Speed Liquid Flowers (via This is Colossal)

Photographer Jack Long is mastering splash photography in this photo series by creating flowers with paint. Believe it or not there is no Photoshop involved and all images are the result of a single exposure. Check out the amazing ‘Vessels and Blooms’ series on his flickr account and more of his splash photography on his website.

© Jack Long


Sad and Useless has some funny images on how Photoshop could be useful in the real world. Here are some of my favorites:

Duplicate Layer

 Pain Bucket Tool

Red Eye Tool

Convert to Smart Object