It’s Friday! Here are some of the things that caught my attention this week:

  • The Most Expensive Photo in the World (via The Atlantic Wire)

    Photo credit: Andreas Gursky

    This photo from Andreas Gursky became the most expensive photo in the world when it was sold for $4.3 million last Tuesday at a Christie’s auction. Rhein II is a photograph of the Rhine River taken in 1999.

    Here’s the top 5 of the most expensive photos ever sold:

    1.  Rhein II by Andreas Gursky ($4.3 million)
    2.  Untitled #96 by Cindy Sherman ($3.8 million)

    Photo credit: Cindy Sherman

    3. Untitled (Cowboy) by Richard Prince ($3,4 million)

    Photo credit: Richard Prince

    4. 99 Cent II Diptychon by Andreas Gursky ($3.3 million)

    Photo credit: Andreas Gursky

    5. The Pond-Moonlight by Edward Steichen ($2,9 million)

    Photo credit: Edward Steichen

  • Google Photography Prize (via Google)
    Google is teaming up with Saatchi Gallery in London to offer photography students a chance to showcase their work. The contest is open until January 31, 2012. Details here.
  • 10 Cool Photographers Gadgets To Boost Creativity (via Smashing Hub)
  • How to Take Great Self-Portraits (via Wired)
    Easy tips from Wire to take self portraits.

    Credit: Paul Gardner

  • Cinematic street photography by James Yeung (via The D Photo)
    Beautiful photographs by Chinese photographer James Yeung.