I have recently been invited to join ARTFLAKES an online platform that allows artists and photographers to sell quality prints of their work. Based in Berlin, Germany, the team individually processes every orders with care and ships worldwide. So far available products include posters, greeting cards, canvas, framed art and gallery prints. ARTFLAKES is a young company and artists submissions are possible via invitation only. I am honored to have been invited to join and some of my work is now available on the website, check it out here and there will be more to come.


Since I’ve received many replies asking about my experience with Artflakes I though I would make an update to this post to save you (and me) a little time. I recently joined Artflakes and yes I did have sales on the site. Prior joining I’ve received informative documents and the agreement which was good for me. As with any partnership you should always make sure you retain ownership and rights of your images.  You can then set up your own prices. You can also have a look at their Facebook page and Twitter feed you’ll see they have good intentions and a love for photography and arts. Hope that helps!